As a long time music fan, Raywell discovered the art of DJ at the age of 17. 

With years of practicing and mixing every genre there is Raywell started with Dutch house music, he searched for his DJ identity and ended up with playing Hip Hop & R&B.  

Bit by bit he stole the hearts of countless people and dj’s all around the world. 

Warming up people or playing prime time, every time he plays, he gives it 100.000%.  

The eclectic sounds Raywell plays are with no boundaries. 

His sets make you dance, jump, bump and grind. He takes you down on memory lane or blows your mind with newest music.      


“A DJ set is like having sex, start with teasing, slowly warming up, until they’re down for whatever and finish hard, strong and make them scream for more.” 

- Raywell



Rewind Amsterdam


Club Smederij Tilburg

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